About Us

Bob Allen (Nutritional Supplements) Ltd was formed in 1986 by Bob Allen who had previously been a sole trader, starting the business in 1981. Bob concentrated on direct farm sales and built up a strong presence in West Cork, our local area. Gerald Allen and his partner Jane took over the company on Bob's retirement in 1995 and have continued to develop the business since then. We still like to maintain our strong West Cork links but we have managed to extend our sales area to the whole country by promoting our minerals sales through agricultural shows and through farmer to farmer recommendations.

Our products are now available direct in minimum quantities of a tonne which is ideal for the home mixer. The business has expanded in its processing and product lines supplying local millers and co operatives with both mineral supplements and our complementary products.

We make minerals to order if a specialist mix is required with the analysis determined by ourselves in conjunction with our consultant nutritionist or by a nutritionist already employed by the farmer. Our policy is always to make the best possible mineral from the best possible ingredients within the constraints determined by the farmer. We do on-site visits as required but we also deal with farmers on the phone because we sell minerals on an all Ireland basis so distance is not a problem.