For Beef Cattle being fed concentrates with grass or maize silage or high levels of beet products, mineral supplementation through the ration is often the most effective way to supply these vital ingredients at a time when the correct supplementation is essential for high growth and health.

The products below can be used to achieve the necessary requirement for the herd.

Product Name Product Type Product Description
2% OR 3% P Intensive beef Powder A cost effective powder supplement with trace elements including high copper and high levels of vitamins... Full Details
Hi Phos Beef Powder A top quality hi phosphorous mineral to help prevent problems when feeding high levels of beet products... Full Details
Beef Buffer Powder A buffer for better digestion through enhanced digestive activity to be fed with the appropriate min... Full Details
Limestone Flour Powder To feed extra calcium for better digestion and to encourage better finishing weights. Full Details
Suckler pre & post calver Powder A high magnesium suckler cow mineral is available for pre and post calving with high iodine & selenium... Full Details