Dairy (AQUA - Liquid Supplementation)

For dairy cows not being fed concentrates, mineral supplementation through the water supply is often the most effective way to supply these vital ingredients at a time when the correct supplementation is essential to maintain levels for optimum fertility and breeding.

Use our AQUA- range of liquid products to achieve the necessary requirement for good health and performance in the herd. Different combinations of the products below can be used if more complex problems exist: grass tetany problems, infertility, cell count reduction, mastitis and other management issues arising from insufficient or inappropriate mineral factors in the diet of the herd. These products can be fed in conjunction with ration if fast absorption of ingredients is necessary as they are very absorbable being already in ionic form.

AQUA- Liquid Products

Product Name Product Type Product Description
Aquaphos Liquid A concentrated high phosphorus & trace element liquid mineral feedstuff for cows & cattle. This should... Full Details
Aquafertility Liquid A concentrated medium phosphorus mineral with trace elements for supplement feeding on a continuous basis... Full Details
Aqua CQ Liquid A concentrated low phos, copper/selenium liquid. This can be used in conjunction with liquid iodine. Full Details
Aquazine 15 Liquid A concentrated low phos, zinc/selenium liquid. This can be used in conjunction with liquid iodine. Full Details
Liquid Iodine Liquid Complimentary liquid iodine mineral that can be used alone or in conjunction with Aquaphos, Aquafertility,... Full Details
Liquid Selenium Liquid Complimentary liquid selenium mineral. Can be used in conjunction with liquid Iodine. Full Details
Mag Flakes Crystal A highly soluble form of magnesium for use when there is a risk of magnesium deficiency, is also available... Full Details

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