Dairy (ALLEN Powder Minerals)

For dairy cows being fed concentrates, mineral supplementation through the ration is often the most effective way to supply these vital ingredients at a time when the correct supplementation is essential to maintain mineral, trace element and vitamin levels e.g: pre calving and during the breeding season.

The specialised products below can be used to achieve the necessary requirement for good health and performance in the herd; our unique ALLEN premixes formulated over years of on-farm research are incorporated in all our ALLENNUTRITION powder minerals. Where problems exist more specialized minerals can be used; for example when overcoming: grass tetany problems, infertility, cell count reduction, mastitis and other management issues arising from inappropriate or insufficient mineral factors in the diet of the herd.

Personalized minerals for your herd can be made on consultation with our nutritionist. Feeding rates vary with the product supplied.

We also supply our own AQUA- liquid minerals for fast absorption and use when ration is not being fed, as well as straights such as cal mag, limestone flour and salt. Footbathing products such as copper sulphate and zinc sulphate heptahydrate are also available.

Pre Calver

Product Name Product Type Product Description
4% Pre Calver Plus Powder A top quality pre calver mineral to help prevent problems at calving with major elements, trace elements,especially... Full Details
High Phos Reverse Ratio Powder A high Phos high Calcium Pre Calver for use where milk fever is a recurrent problem Full Details
MG Pre Calver Powder A specialist pre calver for intensive cows calving off grass. Also a unique pre calver for use when calving... Full Details
Close Up Pre Calver Powder Specifically for cows in the transition period where cation- anion imbalances occur Full Details


Product Name Product Type Product Description
Sweet Mag Powder A Sweet Magnesium for easier feeding when ration intakes are low and magnesium is needed to prevent grass... Full Details
Sweet Mag & Trace Elements Powder All the benefits of sweet mag with the addition of trace elements to maintain fertility in a cost effective... Full Details
Hi Phos Plus Powder A complimentary mineral feedstuff with high phosphorous, trace elements including chelated trace elements... Full Details
Maize 150 Powder A powder mineral with high phosphorous, trace elements including chelated trace elements and vitamins... Full Details
Dairy Buffers Powder Where dairy cows are on high intakes of grass and ration and need extra buffering, this product uses... Full Details
Flaxeen 30 Powder Feeding with a purpose; this pure product has multiple advantages: For better quality embryos, stronger... Full Details
Specials Powder We can add an array of extra ingredients into standard formulations to suit your requirements: e.g: probiotics,... Full Details


Product Name Product Type Product Description
Straights Powder Products such as limestone flour, salt, cal mag can also be supplied at the current price. Full Details
Foot bathing Powder We also supply copper sulphate (bluestone) and zinc sulphate for foot bathing Full Details

AQUA - Liquids