As we keep and compete our own horses, we understand first hand the need to supplement your horses' diet with the relevant supplements to improve their health and performance.

All our products are safe to use when competing.

The products below can be combined as required to gain the optimum mix for your horse to match their activity level. At competition times higher activity means higher requirements, rest times will allow for a lower level or different type of supplementation. If you are breeding then pre-foaling, pre-service and early gestation are the most important times to ensure your supplementation is ideal. Top Horse Original should be used as your all encompassing broad spectrum supplement; a good foundation to any feeding programme.

Manufactured by us at Allennutrition

Product Name Product Type Product Description
Top Horse Original Powder Broad Spectrum Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. Providing a full range of Major Elements, Trace elements and... Full Details
Top Horse Solid Molassed As much of Top Horse Original, including a probiotic, as we can squeeze into a molassed bucket mineral;... Full Details
Digest e-on Powder For all competition horses & ponies where feeding times are restricted, & when high quantities of concentrates... Full Details
Double E Powder A strong burst of proteinated trace elements and vitamins: use at times of stress and recovery from illness,... Full Details
Mycohit Powder Combats the potential problems caused by accumulation of mycotoxins in the liver enabling it to function... Full Details
MGK Powder Magnesium, potassium calmer, used for stressed & excitable horses & ponies. Full Details

Complimentary Products

Product Name Product Type Product Description
Flax Oil Liquid The high Omega 3 content in this pure oil helps to fill the essential fatty acid gap in modern feeding... Full Details
Pure Pressed Flax Jewels Feed A pure unadulterated product, for use in the daily diet. Will help to increase energy levels from its... Full Details
Acid Buff Powder A Gentle Slow releasing buffering agent to help in the prevention & solution of acidosis problems in... Full Details
Respiral Equine Liquid A natural liquid made from essential oils for horses with breathing problems. It can be used as a preventative... Full Details